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Headache Massager

Headache Massager

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Electric headache and migraine relief head massager. Migraine insomnia Release, USB rechargeable. ABS material, battery capacity of 200mA. This product was designed to help massage the head to release migraine insomnia. Using TENS stimulus wave can increase protein separation, block the nerve transmission of pain, and achieve the effect of relaxation and pain. The goal of this product is to use Physical Therapy as a way to relief the pain instead of drugs.


How to use


1. Stick the button part of the patch on the machine.

2. Tear off the blue part of the conductive patch.

3. Long press the switch "M" to turn on the machine. (When the blue light flashes, it means the machine is working)

4. Wear the machine on your head. Note that the sticky part of the patch should be in contact with the skin on your forehead.

5. Tap the switch to switch the mode, you can also press the "+" "-" button to adjust the intensity as needed.

6. Long press the switch "M" to turn off the machine.


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